Vecchio Balordo


These socks are our tribute tot he oldest side in Genoa, the Genoa Cricket and Football Club, founded in 1893 and significantly older than rivals Sampdoria!

We’ve taken the nickname Vecchio Balordo as the name for the socks, rather than the more often used “I Rossoblu” (The Red and Blues) or
“Il Grifone” (The Griffin) as we liked the translation, “The Old Fool”. Anyone who follows a team that has relatively underperformed in recent history like the Genoese can empathise with that moniker!

So here they are, thick cotton for the winter in the colours of the The Old Fool, enjoy!


The socks are available in two sizes:

Small – UK 4 to 7

Large – UK 8 to 11

Made in the UK from cotton.